Food Allergies & Special Diets

Food allergies and special diet needs are becoming more common. Dining Services has your health and safety in mind when handling your special diet.

Currently at The University of Akron, we offer a variety of options for those who have food allergies and special dietary restrictions. In our residential dining hall, Rob’s Café, we offer an Allergy Friendly Zone with food selections to accommodate most food allergies and intolerances. Products available in our Allergy Friendly Zone, include Udi’s and several recognizable brands that are certified gluten-free. With our well trained staff, we know how to handle and prepare foods for those with dietary restrictions.  If you have a special dietary need, our Executive Chef Nick Vidovic is ready to assist you.  Chef Nick has been working with the preparation of gluten-free foods for the past 7 years and is currently a project lead for Aramark to develop a gluten-free solution program.  If you have a food allergy or questions about your specific dietary need, please contact Executive Chef Nick Vidovic at

In Fall 2016, Dining Services will introduce a new Gluten Free Zone station in Rob’s Café.

Zee’s Natural located in the Student Union, offers an array of gluten-free and peanut-free selections. At Zee’s Natural, you will find a variety of grab and go, Amy’s frozen entrees, Lucy’s Snacks, nutritional bars and much more. Please visit Zee’s Natural for a full menu of our Allergy Friendly products. One of our sales associates would be happy to assist you.   

Please be aware of the potential for cross-contact and choose products that you know are safe for your particular food allergy/ intolerance. When in doubt, please ask!