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Polymer Processing Equipment

  • Killion, Hartig, Akron Milacron, and National Feedscrew 0.75 – 1.75” extruders
  • W&P, Leistritz, JSW, and Farrel twin-screw 30-37mm extruders
  • extruder with film casting system
  • Fong Kee blow molder
  • Van Dorn, Boy, and Newbury injection molders
  • Hydrotrim vacuum molder
  • Compression molding presses
  • CW Brabender laboratory mixers
  • Moriyama and Banbury internal mixers

Sample Preparation Equipment

  • MicroStar cryo ultra-microtome
  • vacuum ovens
  • Edwards Coating System sputter coater
  • Weima America and Strand grinders

Analysis and Testing Equipment

  • Bruker, Rigaku, and GE x-rays
  • Hitachi and ISI SEMs
  • Digital Instruments AFM
  • Raman laser microscope
  • Hot and cold stage light scattering microscopes
  • Small-angle light scattering microscopes
  • Bellingham+Stanley and Abbe refractometers
  • TA Instruments TGAs
  • TA Instruments, PerkinElmer, and DuPont DSCs
  • Perkin-Elmer FT-IR
  • Instron tensile testers
  • Monsanto Tensometer
  • Mooney viscometer
  • Monsanto processability tester
  • Bohlin and Instron capillary rheometers
  • Rheometrics ARES
  • Rheometrics mechanical spectrometer
  • MER dynamic tester
  • Haake micro rheology compounder
  • DSM micro injection molder
  • Iwamoto biaxial stretchers
  • PerkinElmer dynamic mechanical analyzer