Alumnus Dr. Kurian, 2007 Engineer of the Year Nominee


Alumnus Dr. Joseph Kurian, Polymer Science, Ph.D. 1991, under direction of Prof. Joseph P. Kennedy, was named a 2007 Engineer of the Year Nominee by Design News.

From the article:

DR. JOSEPH KURIAN, Technology and Business Development Manager, DuPont

Kurian is leading the drive at DuPont to develop engineering polymers that are made, at least in part, from sustainable resources, specifically corn. DuPont is commercializing a process that derives a product called Bio-PDO from corn sugar using a patented fermentation process involving engineered organisms. DuPont is now beta testing a new family of high-performance thermoplastic resins and elastomer products made with the renewable feedstock. Kurian says the new polymers will actually have improved performance profiles compared to many competing polymers. Applications will include automotive, appliances and connectors. Kurian, a degreed engineer, has a Ph.D in polymer science.