Computer Repair Services

Beginning July 1, 2014, University students, faculty, and staff will be charged a $25 fee for repair to personally owned computers. Formerly a free service, the new charge is required to cover rising administrative costs.

The policy is unchanged for other costs.  Individuals will continue to be responsible for all costs associated with a repair – hardware, etc. 

Computer Repair Services, located in the Computer Center, is available to anyone affiliated with the University. Students must be currently enrolled or, during summer break, scheduled to return in the fall.

Payment is due at the time of drop off with Zip Card only.

If you have questions, contact computer repair services at 330-972-7626 or via email at

Computer Repair Services is the repair facility for students, staff, most university owned computing equipment as well as the warranty vendor for computing equipment purchases through Computer Solutions, the campus computer store. C.R.S. also provides University of Akron students with knowledgeable assistance in the setup and operation of their personal computer equipment.

Computer Warranty Service Information
Our technicians are vendor certified to perform warranty service for the following computers

  • DELL
  • HP

Other warranty service may be available upon request.

Out of Warranty Service Information
Our technicians are familiar with most brands of computing equipment. Repair service is available for Desktops, Laptops, Printers*, and many more.

Computer Repair Services also provides consultation on upgrades of components for your existing system including memory, hard drives, CD ROMs, DVD ROMs, and ZIP Drives. Quotes are available upon request.

Computer Repair Services (C.R.S) is a warranty authorized service center for University owned equipment, and personal computers purchased through Computer Solutions. C.R.S. is not permitted to facilitate warranty work on personally owned computer equipment that are not purchased through Computer Solutions, but will triage issues for University of Akron affiliates personal computers. For a complete list of our services please check out our Services page.

Have a service issue you need to report: Visit and click "Submit a Request"

* The University will facilitate repair with outside company.