Assign To Building ABBR Zone
Chuck Mothes Administrative Services Building ASB 7
Marvin Duncan Akron Engineering Research Center AERC 5
Peter Marks Akron Polymer Training Center APTC 8
Peter Marks Athletic Field House Complex AFLD 8
Doug Noble Auburn Science and Engineering Center ASEC ENGR
Peter Marks Ayer Hall AYER 8
Peter Marks Ballet Center BC 8
Chuck Mothes Bierce Library LIB 7
Claire Philpot/Marvin Duncan Buchtel Hall BH 1
Marvin Duncan Buckingham Building BCCE 5
Claire Philpot Bulger Residence Hall BRH 10
Chuck Mothes Central Hower  CENT
Peter Marks Center for Child Development CCD 8
Claire Philpot/Mike Plybon College of Arts & Sciences Building CAS 6
Marvin Duncan College of Business Administration Building CBA 5
Chuck Mothes Computer Center COMP 7
Peter Marks Cornelia Chima Family Building CFB 8
Chuck Mothes Crouse Hall CRH 7
Chuck Mothes E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall PAH 7
Claire Philpot Exchange Dorm PFST 10
Marvin Duncan Express Building EB 5
Claire Philpot Folk Hall FOLK 4
Claire Philpot Gallucci Residence Hall GALL 10
Claire Philpot Garson Hall GARS 10
Chuck Mothes Gladwin Hall MGH 7
Mike Plybon Goodyear Polymer Center GDYR 9
Claire Philpot Grant Residence Center High-Rise GRC 10
Marvin Duncan Grounds Maintenance GMB 5
Marvin Duncan Guzzetta Hall GH 4
Claire Philpot Honors Complex HC 10
Peter Marks Hower House HOW 8
Peter Marks InfoCision Stadium STDM 8
Claire Philpot James A. Rhodes Health and Physical Education Building JAR 10
Mike Plybon Knight Chemical Laboratory KNCL 9
Chuck Mothes Kolbe Hall KO 7
Tom Lavelle/Laura Parker Labs LABS
Chuck Mothes Leigh Hall LH 7
Claire Philpot Lincoln Street Building LINC 10
Peter Marks Martin University Center PMUC 8
Eli Eubanks McDowell Law Center LAW LAW
Mike Plybon National Polymer Innovation Center NPIC 9
Peter Marks Ocasek Natatorium ONAT 8
Claire Philpot Olin Hall OLIN 10
Doug Noble Olson Research Center OLRC ENGR
Claire Philpot Orr Residence Hall ORH 10
Peter Marks Parking Services PDN 8
Marvin Duncan Physical Facilities Operations Center PFOC 5
Doug Noble Polymer Engineering Academic Center PEAC ENGR
Claire Philpot Quaker Square QSI 10
Claire Philpot Ritchie Residence Hall RRH 10
Peter Marks Roadway Building RDWY 8
Peter Marks Robertson Dining Hall RD 8
Marvin Duncan Schrank Hall North SHN 5
Marvin Duncan Schrank Hall South SHS 5
Mike Plybon Simmons Hall SI 9
Claire Philpot Sisler-McFawn Residence Hall SMRH 10
Marvin Duncan South College Street Building SUP 5
Claire Philpot South Hall SH 10
Claire Philpot Spanton Residence Hall SRH 10
Claire Philpot Spicer Residence Hall SPCR 10
Peter Marks Stitzlein Alumni Center AAC 8
Peter Marks Student Recreation and Wellness Center SREC 8
Peter Marks Student Union STUN 8
Claire Philpot Student Union Board of Trustees Office STUN 4
Chuck Mothes Superior Building SUP 7
Marvin Duncan The Polsky Building (non-Summit College) POL 5
Claire Philpot Town Houses TOWN 10
Marvin Duncan Trecaso Building TRE 5
Eli Eubanks West Hall - Law WEST LAW
Doug Noble Whitby Hall WHIT 8
Marvin Duncan Wolf Ledges Building WOLF 5
Chuck Mothes Zook Hall ZOOK 7
Medina County University Center
Tony Williams, Vicki Craig
Wayne College
Vern Virgili, Tom Hammond, Bill Fisher