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Bldg-Administrative Services Building

Bldg-Akron Engineering Research Center

Bldg-Athletic Field House

Bldg-Auburn Science and Engineering Center

Bldg-Ayer Hall

Bldg-Ballet Center

Bldg-Bierce Library

Bldg-Buchtel Hall

Bldg-Buckingham Building

Bldg-Bulger Residence Hall

Bldg-Center for Child Development

Bldg-College of Arts & Sciences


Bldg-Computer Center

Bldg-Cornelia Chima Family Building

Bldg-Crouse Hall

Bldg-EJ Thomas

Bldg-Exchange Dorm

Bldg-Express Building

Bldg-Folk Hall

Bldg-Gallucci Residence Hall

Bldg-Garson Hall

Bldg-Gladwin Hall

Bldg-Goodyear Polymer Center

Bldg-Grounds Maintenance

Bldg-Guzzetta Hall

Bldg-Honors Complex

Bldg-Hower House

Bldg-Infocision Stadium


Bldg-Knight Chemical Laboratory

Bldg-Kolbe Hall

Bldg-Leigh Hall


Bldg-Martin University Center

Bldg-McDowell Law Center

Bldg-Medina County University Center

Bldg-National Polymer Innovation Center

Bldg-Ocasek Natatorium

Bldg-Olin Hall

Bldg-Olson Research Center

Bldg-Orr Residence Hall

Bldg-Parking Services

Bldg-Physical Facilities Operations Center


Bldg-Polymer Engineering Academic Center

Bldg-Quaker Square

Bldg-Ritchie Residence Hall

Bldg-Roadway Building

Bldg-Robertson Dining Hall

Bldg-Shrank Hall North

Bldg-Shrank Hall South

Bldg-Simmons Hall

Bldg-Sisler-McFawn Residence Hall

Bldg-South College Street Building

Bldg-South Hall

Bldg-Spanton Residence Hall

Bldg-Stitzlein Alumni Center

Bldg-Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Bldg-Student Union

Bldg-Town Houses

Bldg-Trecaso Building

Bldg-UA Lakewood Center

Bldg-Wayne College

Bldg-West Hall

Bldg-Whitby Hall

Bldg-Wolf Ledges Building

Bldg-Zook Hall



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