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Office of Assessment & Accreditation

Our Mission

To support the programs of the College of Education and the work of the College’s faculty and staff by delivering accurate, useful, and timely data and information; by providing quality database and reporting solutions; by assisting with and collaborating on assessment efforts; and by efficiently coordination accreditation and licensure activities.

College of Education Mission Statement

The LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education is a learning and teaching community that prepares educational professionals across varied organizations, who are committed to diversity, equity, and excellence, and who conduct, utilize, and critique research through scholarship, leadership, collaboration, inclusive education, innovation, and professionalism.


Dr. Peg L. McCann
Interim Director, Assessment & Accreditation
Phone:  330/972-5742
Office:  Zook 27
Email:  plm@uakron.edu

Brian Martin
Data Research Analyst
Phone: 330/972-8446
Office: Zook 25
Email: martinb@uakron.edu

Peggy A. McCann
College Program Specialist
Phone:  330/972-7756
Office:  Zook 26
Email:  peggy@uakron.edu