How to Apply

Admission Requirements for Programs in Curricular & Instructional Studies

Bachelor's Degree Programs - Admission to Teacher Licensure

The following criteria must be met for admission to the College of Education bachelor's degree programs.

  • Completed teacher education program application/essay
  • Completion of all coursework required for admission to your specific program area.
  • Overall GPA of 2.50, plus a 2.50 GPA in the department's specific pre-admission coursework.
  • Evidence of basic computer literacy.
  • Academic achievement, evidenced by the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test or a satisfactory Composite ACT or SAT (Math and Verbal) score, or a grade of "B" or higher in a course that meet the University's general education English Composition I requirement and/or mathematics requirement.
  • A speech and hearing test.
  • Bureau of Criminal Investigation and FBI clearance.
  • Two letters of recommendation.

Note:  The Teacher Licensure Application is for individuals seeking their initial teacher licensure. The application process must coincide with the successful completion of the pre-admission coursework.

Individuals who hold a teaching license or certificate and wish to add an additional area of licensure or an endorsement must instead complete the Additional Licensure application process.

Have questions? Contact our expert Pre-admission advisers. They will help answer all of your questions about the process.

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Master's Degree Programs

The Master of Arts in Elementary, Secondary and Special Education is for teachers who wish to extend their knowledge and competence in their respective fields.  A teaching certificate or license is not required for admission.

Admission requirements for the M.A. program include:

  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or better. Provisional admission may be granted to those students who have a 2.5-2.74 GPA.

The Master of Science program is open to highly qualified students who hold a B.A., B.F.A., or B.S. degree who wish to attain licensure to teach.  You do not have to hold a teaching credential to be eligible.

Admission requirements include:

  • An overall 2.75 GPA
  • Provisional admission may be granted to those students who have a 2.5 to 2.74 GPA

In addition to the Graduate School application, applicants must meet the following College of Education criteria for Teacher Licensure Programs:

  • Completed teacher education program application
  • Evidence of competency in reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics
  • Speech and hearing test
  • Evidence of basic computer literacy
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) and FBI clearance

Application to Graduate School and College of Education should be made simultaneously.  Visit the Pre-admission Advisers, Zook Hall 207, call (330) 972-7750 for more information.

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Doctor of Philosophy

Admission to the Curricular and Instructional Studies Ph.D. program is limited to a select number of students each year. More candidates apply for admission than the Department has the resources and capacity to admit. Therefore, applying for admission to the doctoral program is no guarantee of admission, and applicants to the program must recognize the possibility of denial.

Admission Criteria

  • Must have graduate and undergraduate degrees from accredited universities and in programs considered to offer adequate preparation for the Ph.D. in Curricular and Instructional Studies (Ph.D., Elementary Education; Ph.D., Secondary Education).
  • At least a 3.50 GPA on a scale of 4.0.
  • Demonstration of doctoral level writing ability as evidenced by a Miller Analogies Test score of 399 or higher (or a 550 on the verbal portion of the GRE).  Scores more than five years old will not be accepted for evaluation of the doctoral application.
  • Controlled departmental writing sample assignment. 
  • A 20-minutes interview with the Doctoral Committee of the department.
  • Candidates must have at least three years of teaching experience.

Deadlines for application:

March 1 for Fall admission
October 1 for Spring/Summer admission

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