Higher Education Administration

Tentative Schedule of Courses

This schedule was updated for Fall 2014.

Course No.  Course Name  Fall  Spring  Summer
5190:515 Administration in Higher Education
5190:521 Law and Higher Education
5190:526 Student Services and Higher Education  
5190:527 American College Student
5190:530 H.E. Curriculum & Program Planning  •
5190:600 Advanced Administrative Colloquium in Higher Education •*  
5190:601 Internship in Higher Education
5190:602 Internship in Higher Education Seminar
5190:610 Diversity in Higher Education
5190:615 Historical Foundations of American Higher Education
5190:620 Finance and Higher Education  
5190:626 Policy, Assessment & Accountability in HE

Important Scheduling Information

*The master’s comprehensive examination is offered in fall and spring only (no summer administration).  Students who plan to graduate in summer must take 5190:600 Advanced Administrative Colloquium and the master’s comprehensive examination in the spring semester preceding anticipated graduation term.