Undergraduate Teaching and Training Technical Professionals Cyclical Schedule

This schedule was updated in Fall 2013.

Course No.  Course Name  Fall  Spring  Summer
5400:400 Postsecondary Learner  
5400:401 Learning with Technology
5400:405 Workplace Education for Youth & Adults  
5400:415 Training in Business & Industry  
5400:420 Postsecondary Instructional Technologies  
5400:430 Systematic Curriculum Design for Postsecondary Education  
5400:435 Systematic Instructional Design in Postsecondary Education  
5400:475 Instructional Practice Seminar  
5400:480 Diversity of Postsecondary Learners  
5400:490 W: Modifying On-line Instruction    
5400:495 Postsecondary Education Practicum Seminar  

Important Scheduling Information

All students must meet with an adviser and complete a Program Plan that will establish the courses required and the recommended order that they be taken.  5400:475 and 5400:495 must be taken last and require the student to complete application steps with their adviser.

Download a pdf file of this cyclical schedule and an order of courses with various options