Master of Arts in Educational Foundations: Social-Philosophical Foundations

Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education at The University of Akron is an interdisciplinary graduate program designed to facilitate professional educators’ developing critical, interpretative, and normative perspectives on the interrelations between schools and society.  This program includes the academic disciplines of anthropology of education, history of education, comparative and international education, philosophy of education, educational policy analysis, and sociology of education. 

Students collaborate with their advisers in selecting one or more of the above disciplines to create an individualized graduate program tailored to their needs, interests, and professional aspirations.  Program participants may be either encouraged or required to study with faculty in another department or institution to further develop that interdisciplinary perspective as applied to contemporary educational challenges and initiatives/innovation in the field. 

This degree program adds value to the preparation and further development of quality education professionals for Ohio and elsewhere in a variety of public, alternative, for-profit, non-profit, private educational settings; and offers opportunity for further doctoral study in education.  A degree in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education enhances employability in positions that require in-depth understanding of the broader social contexts of educational policy and practice. 



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Dr. Suzanne MacDonald
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