Lab School

As a Lab School at the University of Akron, the Center for Child Development, seeks to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with our university community. As part of the University of Akron, our teachers and children have access to a wealth of community resources such as Bierce Library, Hower House, university dance programs, and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center all of which help to serve as field trips and learning opportunities for children.

The Center also serves as a site where university students complete supervised clinical and field requirements in disciplines such as child and family development, early childhood education, nursing, dance and child life programs. Our classroom teachers serve as mentors for university students and our children benefit from the creativity and enthusiasm that our volunteers, lab students, interns and graduate assistants bring into the classroom (NAEYC 8.A.04).


The Center adheres to the guidelines set forth by the USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture). In accordance to OAC 5101:2-12-39 and USDA child and adult care food program 7 CFR 226.20 (Sept.1, 2004) a meal must meet at least 1/3 of the recommended daily dietary allowance. At minimum a meal must include at least:

  • one milk serving
  • one meat (or meat alternative)
  • two vegetables and/or fruits (one serving of each recommended)
  • one bread or grain.                       

Our policy is to provide two meals and one snack per day to all children in attendance. 

The Center for Child Development is reimbursed by USDA for the meals we serve our children based on family income in accordance with USDA policies. 

Child Guidance & Family Solutions

The Center collaborates with Child Guidance and Family Solutions to provide staff training, developmental and behavioral intervention strategies, and child assessment techniques. 

Head Start

The Center collaborates with Head Start to provide additional educational services to income eligible preschool children.  Head Start provides a Head Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Site Supervisor, and Family Liaison to the Center to serve Head Start families.  For more information about our Head Start collaboration, call (330) 972-8231.