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  • To schedule an appointment, please call (330) 972-6822. Office staff will work with you to meet your needs, after completing a brief phone questionnaire. An initial appointment can usually be made within 1-2 weeks, and referral resources can be provided if needed.
  • Contact us through email if you prefer. We will respond as soon as possible to meet your needs.

Reception area:  Clinic for Individual and Family Counseling

During initial appointments, called assessment and referral sessions, our staff will explain our services and seek to understand your needs. Due to our scope of practice as a training facility, we will work with you if different or additional services are needed. Although we can serve a supporting role for many specialized concerns, we are usually not the sole provider for treatment of:  psychotic symptoms, suicidality or crisis, alcohol/drug abuse, physical/sexual abuse, or cognitive impairments/mental retardation.

Clinic Fees

A sliding fee system is used to help offset organizational expenses. Standard fees per visit are below. If requested, fees may be adjusted – please speak with office staff about fee adjustments. Clients will not be denied services because of an inability to pay.

Total Annual Household Income Fee Per Visit
$20,000 and under $5.00
$20,001-30,000 $10.00
$30,001-40,000 $15.00
$40,001-50,000 $20.00
$50,001 and above $25.00

Canceling/Rescheduling an appointment: Please call the Clinic office at (330) 972-6822 at least 24 hours beforehand if you are unable to make a scheduled appointment.

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Dr. Rebecca Boyle, Director


The Clinic is located in the C.P. and Cornelia Chima Family Center on The University of Akron campus.

27 S. Forge Street, 2nd Floor
Akron, OH  44325
Phone:  (330) 972-6822
Fax:  (330) 972-5599

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