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The Franco-American Teachers-in-Training Institute (FATITI) is an international teacher exchange program designed to explore the evolution of education's best practices, social and education policy and the political institutions of schooling from a comparative lens. It is funded by the U.S. Department of State in collaboration with the Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange (Fulbright Commission) and the French Ministry of Education.  French and American teachers-in-training participate in a seminar examining history, language, culture, education and politics, followed by a teaching practicum.

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Franco-American Teachers-in-Training Institute (FATITI)

Susan Colville-Hall, Ph.D.

Director, FATITI
(330) 972-6258

Sandra Spickard Prettyman, Ph.D.
Program Co-Director
(330) 972-8164

Maria Adamowicz-Hariasz, Ph.D.
Program Co-Director
(330) 972-5871

Mrs. Diane Hergenrather
Project Coordinator, FATITI
(330) 972-7980

Ms. Michelle Wilson
Akron International Friendship
(330) 972-8296)

College of Education
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-4205
Fax: (330) 972-5209

U.S. ParticipantsU.S. flag

Materials for the U.S. teachers-in-training traveling to France in Fall 2011. 

French ParticipantsFrench flag

Materials for the French teachers-in-training traveling to Akron in Spring 2011. 

Mentor TeachersOhio flag

Information about mentoring a teacher-in-training from France.

Host Families

Interested in hosting a teacher-in-training from France into your home for a short-term stay?  Find out the details here!