The Franco-American Teachers-in-Training Institute has established the following goals:

  • Mont Blanc and flowersEnable acquisition of pedagogical, cultural, and linguistic knowledge, cross-cultural experience, problem-solving skills, and flexibility.
  • Advocate the necessity of global agents who will work to find better solutions to universal educational challenges
  • Foster the development of productive, engaged, and critical citizens for tomorrow.
  • Work to increase mutual understanding between France and the United States.
  • Advance professional growth and development in teaching, research and service in international and cross-cultural education.

The following objectives assist the Institute in meeting the established goals:

  • Explore best practices in teaching diverse socio-economic populations.
  • Facilitate discussion and comparison of pedagogical issues of significance regarding educational systems.
  • Examine a variety of instructional strategies, nature and use of assessment, complexities of multiculturalism, and effective integration of technology.
  • Investigate enrichment possibilities presented through community involvement in the schools.
  • Provide opportunities to interact with educational professionals from another culture in the:
    • establishment of an ongoing dialogue
    • expansion of professional network to an international level
    • development of collaborative initiatives