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How do I become a part of the SCRR?  

Your district’s curriculum director or reading leadership will be receiving an email from the Center for Literacy asking for members to become active participants.  If you would like to be part of the SCRR, please let your district representative know or email Jeremy Brueck at the Center for Literacy.

The SCRR is made possible by a grant from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

Summit Council for Reading Readiness (SCRR)

The Center for Literacy at The University of Akron announces a call for membership and participation in a newly forming professional education community that will help Summit County educators support the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, signed into law in 2012 as part of Ohio Senate Bill 316.  The community, known as the SUMMIT COUNCIL FOR READING READINESS (SCRR), is being made possible by a grant from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and will be a partnership among three entities: (1) The UA Center for Literacy; (2) the Summit Education Initiative and (3) Summit County school districts.  

The purpose of the Council is to support policy change in Ohio and excellence in teaching through a cycle of professional development, action research, and dissemination for pre-K through grade 3 educators to address the needs of early reading.

The Council membership will bring together researchers, classroom teachers, intervention specialists and administrators from the respective partner schools and agencies  to jointly study reading problems, legislation and other issues in an effort to develop a comprehensive system of support for students in Grades preK-3.   Through a monthly forum, members will seek to help pre-K through grade 3 teachers investigate and implement research based instruction to address the needs of early reading.

The SCRR Council will engage in a multi-year research agenda that designs, develops and disseminates a combination of high quality, culturally and linguistically responsive instruction; assessment; and evidence-based intervention among children in Summit County.

The primary components of the SCRR will be:

The SCRR Council Forum will convene monthly to listen to and hear the needs of districts as they seek to improve literacy instruction.  Forum discussions will include recent trends, as well as news and research in early literacy.  Forum members will also partner with area teachers to form (a) Action-Research Teams that will test research based reading techniques and strategies in their classrooms.  In addition, (b) a Curricular Development Team will be formed that will use results from the action-research and input from Council members to develop assessment tools, and instructional and professional development material.

Based on the success of the Action-Research teams and the materials created by the Curricular Development Team, practitioner-based articles will be published quarterly.  The online journal will serve to disseminate the practices supported by the SCRR.

Seminars will be held to disseminate information to area teachers for greater impact in the region.