Professional Dress

Please observe the following general guidelines for appropriate attire:Professional young woman

  • Remove all facial and tongue piercing when attending your site. Ear piercing is acceptable within reason.
  • Jeans are not appropriate unless otherwise specified by the site.
  • Hemlines on skirts, skirts and dresses should fall within reason. (The rule of thumb for most public schools is that when standing with arms at sides, the length of the hemline should be no higher than the longest fingertip.)
  • Tight fitting clothes, shorts, see-through tops, tank tops, low cut tops or short cropped tops are prohibited.
  • Gentlemen: If possible, please wear a tie, dress shirt, and pressed trousers.

If you have questions concerning dress codes, consult with your site mentor or contact the Center for Literacy staff.  Complaints received from the site concerning student dress will result in a conference with the service learning coordinator.

Remember: Always dress for success because your dress is a reflection of your professionalism.