College of Education Mission Statement

The University of Akron's College of Education is a community of professionals whose purpose is to provide leadership for community well-being through standard-setting programs that enhance teaching, learning, and human development; research and inquiry; and outreach. We develop ourselves and others through continuous improvement and through a commitment to these core components of professional practice and scholarship; Knowledge, Technology, Diversity, and Ethics.

The following guidelines are set to help you as you prepare for service learning experience.  Please read each guideline carefully, refer to this section in the weeks to come.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

A copy of the Student Code of Conduct can be obtained at the Student Judicial Affairs website.


In the event of absence, notify the service site/mentor as soon as possible, and e-mail or telephone the Center for Literacy (330-972-8494).   When telephoning or e-mailing the Center for Literacy, please identify yourself, the course instructor, service site, name of site mentor, reason for absence, and make-up date.  (Frequent and unwarranted absences may result in dismissal from the site.)


During inclement weather, check the news before traveling to your site. If the site is closed, please reschedule a date with your mentor.  


Excessive tardiness may result in dismissal from the service learning site.  If you anticipate arriving late, contact your site in advance. Please be certain to make up any missed hours. (The students you work with look forward to your visits!  Site mentors plan for your visits.  Please don’t let them down!)

Eating and Drinking

Please refrain from eating, drinking, and chewing gum during your service learning assignment.  Mentors and service sites may invite you to join events and activities involving food and beverages.  Eating is appropriate at those times only.

If you would like to take a treat to your students, first clear this with your site mentor.  Some children have allergies to chocolate, milk products, and peanuts.

Withdrawal from Service or Site Problem

If a service learner has withdrawn (or dropped) the corresponding literacy course, he/she must also withdraw from the service learning site.  Please notify the Center for Literacy as soon as possible.

Should a problem occur with your site, please notify the Center for Literacy and your course instructor immediately.


Questions and suggestions are always welcome. You can e-mail us, or phone us at (330) 972-8494.  You may also contact us via your Springboard email.

Service learners are invited to attend a Lunch Time Forum each semester.  During this forum, service learners are encouraged to share ideas, listen to guest speakers and discuss any service learning concerns, questions and experiences with other students and faculty members.  Please check for postings and sign-up sheets throughout Zook Hall and on Springboard.

If a problem occurs at my site, what should be done?

Should you experience any problem with your site, please contact the Center for Literacy at (330) 972-8494, or e-mail the Service Learning Coordinator.