I have registered for service learning.  What's next?

Do I have to find my own placement?

Service learning will provide a list of sites for students each semester.  Sites will be posted on a service learning Matrix located outside the Center for Literacy (Zook 1).  The matrix should be posted by the second or third week of the semester. 

Site orientation

Many of our sites will conduct orientations.  Site orientations are required since students gather a great deal of information during this time.  Orientations count towards your service hours.  Please record the time spent at an orientation on the record of participation sheet, and have the site mentor sign the sheet.

When contacting a site, it's best to e-mail or telephone first.  Don't become dismayed or upset if a site fails to immediately contact you.  Allow a day or two for a response.  Contact the site at least two times via telephone or e-mail.  If you have not received a response within a 7 day period, then the next step might be to pay a personal visit to the site.  Please dress professionally when visiting the site.  Introduce yourself, and state the reason for your visit.  Should there be further problems, please visit Zook 1 during the posted hours.

Am I required to turn in a schedule?

Yes.  You will be asked to fill out the Service Learning Site Visitation Plan.  It is recommended that this form be completed with your site mentor.  Please work out mutually agreeable days and times with your mentor.  It is important to obtain the signature of your site mentor.  Be certain to include make-up days and times, in the event an emergency prohibits you from attending your site on a certain day.

How will I record my hours?

The record of participation, which is a log, is available for downloading on this website.  Please fill this sheet out each time you attend the site and please be certain to obtain a signature from the site mentor every time you perform your service hours.

Records of Participation will not be accepted without a signature and must be turned in to your instructors no later than the 12th week of the semester.  (Signatures may be placed inside or outside the box.)

Might a school program or organization ask for a specific time commitment that could add additional hours to my service learning? 

Many sites require a specified time commitments.  If the time commitment requires you to perform an additional hour or two of service, please perform the extra hours, and record this on your record of participation sheet.  The service learning Matrix will indicate which sites require a specific time commitment.  Our program tries to locate sites that will fit into our students busy schedule. 

Reflections on your experience

Reflections will be turned in to the instructor.

  • The instructor will provide a copy of each student’s scored rubric to the service learning staff.
  • In addition, instructors will submit three samples of a service learning reflection to Zook 1 at the end of each academic grading period.
  • Students are required to turn Service Learning Reflections in to their instructors only, not the Center staff.

Evaluation of your experience

Sites will evaluate service learners after they have completed their hours.

  • Evaluation forms are available in the downloadable forms link located on this site.  Either you or your site coordinator-mentor may download the forms.
  • Return the evaluation forms to the address or fax number provided on the form.