Hours of Service Required

Ten (10) hours of service must be completed in each of these courses:

  • Understanding Literacy Development and Phonics (5500:245)
  • Teaching Multiple Texts through Genre (5500:286)
  • Developmental Reading in the Content Areas (5500:440)

For each literacy class taken:  Students are to schedule no more than 2 hours of service in any given week.  
Students taking 2 literacy classes concurrently may perform their hours at the same site and are permitted to schedule 4 hours of service per week.  Please check with your instructor to determine if two separate service reflections are required.

University Requirements

Providing support for literacy learners does not always occur in typical classroom settings.  Experiences will vary from course to course.  You are required to perform your hours at a site approved by The University of Akron's Center for Literacy.  Sites are located in urban and rural settings and include both school and community organizations.

Schedules, Logs, and Reflections, and Rubrics

Students are required to turn in Site Visitation Plan Schedules (PDF; Word) to:

  • Course instructor
  • Site mentor

Keep a copy for your records. The student should also keep a copy of his/her Site Visitation Plan Schedules.

Records of Participation

Records of Participation (PDF; Word) must be taken with the service learner each time he/she visits the site.  Please download this form prior to visiting the site.   Be certain that your mentor signs the log during each visit.  Records of Participation will not be accepted without a signature and may be turned in to the your instructors no later than the 12th week of the semester.

Service Learning Reflections

  • Service Learning Reflections will be turned in to the instructor only, not the Center staff.
  • The instructor will provide a copy of each student’s scored rubric to the service learning staff.
  • In addition, instructors will submit three samples of a service learning reflection to Zook 1 at the end of each academic grading period.

Site Evaluation Sheets

  • Sites will evaluate service learners after they have completed their hours.
  • Evaluation forms (PDF; Word) are available in the downloadable form on this website.  Either you or your site coordinator-mentor may down load the forms.
  • Return the evaluation sheets to the address or fax phone number provided on the form.