What is service learning?

  • A method of teaching, learning and sharing.
  • Connects service experiences with academic learning.
  • Increases personal, social and intellectual growth.
  • Enhances citizenship skills to be a successful educator in a multicultural setting.
  • Requires teacher candidates to engage and actively participate with children and adults in the community.

Why is service learning required?

According to Carnegie Unit Standards, "University students are expected to study two hours outside class for every hour they are in class."  Consequently, you can expect to spend a total of 112.5 hours (37.5 in class and 75 outside class) completing the requirements for each course (McKeachie, 1999, p. 24).  Service learning will involve 10 of the 112.5 hours.

How does service learning differ from observation hours?

Service learners are to be actively engaged with a student, or a small group of students.  When scheduling service hours consult with your site mentor. Please inquire as to what types of activities or lessons may be required.  Most teachers and service organizations will pre-plan service learning activities. 

Remember:  The teachers have taken time out to plan these activities, and the students are looking forward to your visit.  Please don't let them down!