Computer Literacy Assessment

Computer Literacy Assessment

One of the criteria for admission to the College of Education is basic computer literacy. The Computer Literacy Assessment is offered in Zook Hall Room 435. No appointment is necessary. If you have questions about the test, please call (330) 972-5316 or email us at

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Bring a valid photo ID with you when you come to take the test.
  • Have your own working e-mail address (hotmail, aol, uakron, yahoo, etc.).
  • There is NO CHARGE for the assessment.
  • Take it on either a Macintosh or PC.
  • Average time to take the test: 30 minutes.
  • Scoring of the test is "Pass" or "Fail." You may miss up to 4 items on the assessment and still pass.
  • You may retake the assessment one time if you fail it on the first attempt.  Additional attempts require permission of the Associate Dean of Student Services.

Can I be waived from this requirement?

If you have taken any of the following courses with a grade of B" or better, you will be waived from this requirement:

  • 2440:105 (3) Introduction to Computers and App Software
  • 3460:125 (2) Descriptive Computer Science
  • 7500:298 (2) Technologies of Music Education

What skills are tested?

It is suggested that you familiarize yourself with Office 2011 prior to attempting the assessment.

Basic computer competencies that are tested include (but are not limited to):

File Manipulation

  • Make basic file edits from Windows
  • Create new files or change existing files’ locations

Word Processing Skills

  • Set font face, style, and size
  • Change individual paragraph and entire document’s settings and margins
  • Hours for computer literacy assessment
  • Edit a Word file’s contents to change content or errors

Internet Skills

  • Perform a search and use results in other programs
  • Download content from the internet to a specified folder

E-Mail Skills

    • Use any existing e-mail address to compose and send a message
    • Attach content from the Computer Literacy Test to a message
    • Reply to an email outside of the test time and area
    • Save files to desired locations with specific names

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