The Field Placement Process

It is the responsibility of the Field Experience Office to serve as the liaison between University students and the schools/locations in which they are placed. Each district/school/location has a specific placement procedure that The University of Akron is obligated to follow.

Field Experience Handbook

Placement Protocol

To be consistent with the purpose of our office, we ask instructors and students:

  • Please refrain from making direct contact with any district, school, administrator, principal, or teacher regarding field placements; many students have contacts and family members who hold these positions.
  • We are responsible for following the proper protocol unique to each district so we can maximize the chance to both develop and maintain relationships between school districts and agencies in the area and the university.

Arrangements for Field Placement

The Office of Student Teaching and Field Experience will secure pre-approved locations for your field work.  Your UA instructor will arrange placement within the pre-approved locations. 

Students working full time in an educational setting may request approval by the UA instructor to use the alternative location; however, the Employee Candidate Form must be competed and returned to the course instructor for approval.  Field work must be done during non-work hours (planning, lunch, before or after school).  It cannot be done during assigned or paid work hours.  The location must also fit the needs for the course focus.  For example, if the field work is to be done for early childhood, it needs to be in P-3 classrooms or with P-3 students. Field hours must be done for each field course.

Additionally, hours cannot be used for multiple courses. Field hours must be done for each field course.