Student Teaching Candidates - Spring 2015:

At the Student Teaching Orientation in April, we stated that we would have the link available to you in May for the Student Teaching Application. College of Education personnel and offices in Zook Hall are moving to Central-Hower later this summer. We currently do not have a move date; however, we do not want to start collecting the hard copies of your application until after we have made the move. 

A copy of the application is available so that you can view what is on it. You cannot fill out the application from this document.  For some of the questions, you can answer in a Word document and then you can cut and paste your answers into the application when it becomes available.

After we move, we will put the live link on the Student Teaching website. An email will also be sent to you when that happens. This will be the application you will fill out and turn in, along with the other required documentation.

Important Dates and Deadlines for Submission of Your Application

  • Early Childhood Education and Multi-Age applications are due between September 17-19.
  • Intervention Specialist and Middle Level applications are due between September 22-24.
  • Adolescent to Young Adult & Family and Consumer Science applications are due between September 25-29.

See application Reference Guide for all the requirements needed to include in your application.

What is Student Teaching?

Student Teaching is the capstone experience of the educational program.  It is designed to provide instructional and leadership opportunities for preservice teachers, opportunities that prepare educators to be decison-makers. They also enhance community partnerships through standard-setting programs that promote teaching, learning, and human development. All of these elements are reflected in the College of Education's mission statement and conceptual framework.

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