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eTRAIN stands for electronic Teacher Resource and Information Network.  On the eTRAIN website you will find resources and websites that you can point out for your student teacher if they need additional help.  Here are some examples.

If your student teacher....

  • needs some assistance in developing rubrics... send him/her to the eTRAIN site and look under Assessments.
  • needs help in differentiating instruction... send him/her to the eTRAIN site and look under Pedagogy.
  • wants to incorporate technology into the lesson but needs some ideas... direct him/her to eTRAIN and look under Technology.
  • is looking for creative lesson plans.... go to the eTRAIN site and look under Curriculum and the specific licensure area.
  • is preparing for a job search... remind him/her to use the eTRAIN site and look under Employment Opportunities.

Make use of this excellent site for your own professional use as well.

  • Want to use graphic organizers, but don't want to have to make your own? Look in the eTRAIN site and look under Pedagogy, where you will find a list of sites for graphic organizers.
  • Are you looking for some Professional Development ideas for your IPDP? Go to eTRAIN and look under Professional Development.

The eTRAIN site is like Prego Sauce! "It's in there!"

The eTRAIN site was created by Dr. Shelley Waltonen-Moore and Dr. I-Chun Tsai with a grant from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

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