Dr. Victor E. Pinheiro

Victor E. Pinheiro Ph.D.

Professor; Department Chair
Sport Science & Wellness Education
College of Education, The University of Akron

Dissertations Directed

Thesis/Dissertation/Student Research Directed

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  2. Streicher, M. (2007).  Kinematic Comparison of Marker Set Techniques Used in Biomechanical Analysis of the Pitching Motion.  Thesis:  The University of Akron
  3. Singh, A. (2005).  Effect of Plyometric Training on Jumping Ability of Volleyball Players.  Dissertation:  Banaras Hindu University, India, Board of Examiners
  4. Gullia, G. (2005).  Prosthetic Foot Gait Deviance Qualitative Diagnosis:  Flex-Foot Ceterus and Sach.
  5. Harvey, J. (2001).  The Effects of Performance Goal Discrepancy and Progress Rate Feedback on Task Satisfaction, Goal Commitments and Persistence:  How One’s Self Concept Makes a Difference.  Dissertation:  The University of Akron
  6. Ahmed, K. (2002).  Comparative Investigation of Performance of Jumpers in Relation to Physical, Physiological and Anthropometrical Measures of S. A. I.  Athlete’s Dissertation:  Banaras Hindu University, India.  Board of Examiners.
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