Dr. Victor E. Pinheiro

Victor E. Pinheiro Ph.D.

Professor; Department Chair
Sport Science & Wellness Education
College of Education, The University of Akron


2012 Submission of SHB: Type II (INT):  A Goal-seeking Framework to Empower Personalized Wellness Management Grant to NSF.  Co-PI.  Interdisciplinary collaboration between SSWE, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Austen BioInnovation Institute of Akron. Requested amount $1,285,613.00 (Funded).
2012 United States Tennis Association Serves: Promote tennis and computer literacy among children with developmental disabilities.  Co-PI.  $10,000.00 (Funded).
2012 Collaborative Research:  Promoting students interests, engagement and achievement in STEM subjects within the context of Physical Education.  Co-PI [senior personal].  Requested amount $ 407,000 (Not funded: Received Very Good Rating:  High quality proposal in nearly all respects; should be supported if all possible.  DRK-12 grant rating scale)
2012 The University of Akron [SSWE] – Area 2012 Cyclist Safety Project. PI “How we Roll” Bike/Pedestrian Safety Education Initiative $ 154,647 (Funded)
2011 Northeast Ohio Health Career Opportunity Program (HCOP).  Interdisciplinary collaboration between SSWE, Cleveland State, and NEOMED.  Co-PI.  Requested amount $750,000.00 (Not Funded).
2006 College of Education Personnel Committee Grant - $800 (Funded).  Enjoyment of physical exercise among children with autism; with Dr. Cai.
2002 National Science Foundation Grant - $700,000 (Not Funded).  Member of the grant team that wrote and submitted the proposal entitled:  Learning Science through Engineering Technology, Preparing Middle School Teachers in Science, Math, Engineering and Technology through Emerging Technology Workshops
2001 Bank One:  Educational Grant Program - $4000 (Funded).  Designed and manufactured an interactive CD-ROM initiative that will provide teacher educators with conceptual framework to design/develop and implement an innovative, hands-on CD-ROM project, through the integration of interactive technology
2001 US Soccer Foundation - $86,615 (Not Funded).  Interactive Technology CD-ROM:  Youth Coaches Soccer Education Program.  An innovative project that would have provided the much-needed soccer coaching education for novice coaches.
2000 College of Education Technology Grant - $2650 (Funded).  To design and format conceptual framework, pilot run of the template, digitize the video, and complete the knowledge-base for the framework.
1999 – 2001 Educational Grant Program for Elementary Schools in Five Northeast Ohio Counties.  Chaired the reviewing and evaluation process for total of approximately 300 grant applications each year.  The total grants amounting to approximately $50,000 to $70,000.  Each individual project encourages educational creativity and innovation, makes genuine impact on a child’s life and helps shape future.  Grants of $500 to $1000 per classroom or building were approved.