The University of Akron, as part of grant opportunities, is a provider of support services to candidates. Candidates are strongly advised to affiliate with a candidate support provider in order to be mentored through the intense NB process.

The following are some of the benefits of joining the UA NBPTS Support Cohort Group:

  • Full Candidacy - Those wishing to earn 3 or 6 graduate workshop credits (which may be applied toward completion of a graduate degree with expressed, written consent of one's adviser) can be available upon request.  Workshop credits will be offered at a reduce fee.  UA online support will be available for those working toward graduate credit.
  • Large-group meetings for all candidates (held several times during the candidacy year) which focus on a presentation of holistic concepts and requirements. All sessions are facilitated by NBCTs.
  • Utilization of e-classrooms designed to promote collaboration and communication among our cohort learning community. With anytime access to our e-classroom, candidates can access (a) content modules, (b) email, and (c) resource files. 
  • Promotion of newly announced NBCT’s through press releases to NE Ohio community.
  • Numerous resources for download, including YouTube videos, classroom tips, suggestions for assessing student work and tips for videotaping entries.

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Contact Information

The University of Akron’s NBPTS Support Cohort program is housed within the College of Education, Zook Hall Room 228, (330) 972-5427. Please contact the program administrator or facilitators for more information or to sign-up for our orientation e-mail notification.


Barb Baltrinic, NBCT
(330) 972-5427

Next Steps

Go to the NBPTS website for comprehensive information about the National Board Certification© process or call them at 1-800-22-TEACH.

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