Computer and Technical Skills

You will need basic computer and technical skills to participate in an on-line learning course. These skills include but are not limited to the following:

  • Being able to use a mouse and successfully scroll up and down a web page
  • Right clicking with a mouse
  • Good keyboarding/typing skills
  • Knowledge and ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Familiar with the Windows environment - be able to resize, minimize and close windows
  • Ability to use online bulletin/discussion boards; ability and willingness to use online chat rooms if necessary
  • Familiar with different file formats such as DOC (Microsoft Word document) and TXT (Text-only Document).
  • Familiar with plug-ins
  • Ability to print pages from a browser

Hardware and Software you will need . . .

In addition to your computer skills, you will also need adequate hardware and software to participate in an online course:

  • Email software - a faster internet connection will make your time online more productive
  • Microsoft Office software (especially Word, Excel and Powerpoint);
  • Windows 2000 operating system at a minimum.
  • Web browser software with certain plug-ins - providing ability to view scanned articles or play audio or video movies from within your browser.
  • Knowing what connection speed your are currently using will be needed. It is highly recommended that online users have a high speed connection. Typically DSL or Broadband/Cable connection is suitable.
  • If you are using your work computer for class, be aware that some businesses protect their computers with hardware and software called a "Firewall." This may prevent you from accessing all or parts of your course. Obtain permission from your supervisor and your information technology department to access the WebCT.

Want to test your test technology savvy?