Time Requirements for Online Learning

Contrary to what most students believe, online courses usually take more time than a traditional college course. Why is this?


In a traditional classroom, if you have questions they are typically answered within a few moments. Additionally, you may ask for clarification or other students may ask questions that you did not consider. However, in an online environment this is usually not the case. You will have to communicate via email or call the instructor directly. With schedules being different you may have to wait for a response. If you have difficulty moving forward without direction, online learning may pose a challenge.

Reading Requirements

The reading requirements in an online course can be more substantive than in a traditional course. This is due to the fact that it may take the place of a lecture or add to the assignment where an instructor would provide verbal direction.

Experience Counts

Be aware though, as in any course the first class is generally the most difficult. Not only will you be learning the course material, but you will be learning the nuances of Springboard! . . . the discussion boards, uploading assignments, and managing your time. The mechanics of online learning should become automatic after your first few courses.

Time Survey

If you are not sure if you have the time that online learning may involve, take the online time survey from Ohio Learns.