What are professional learning programs?

The College of Education offers nine different degrees at off-campus sites to accommodate cohorts of full-time educators. The Office of Professional Learning provides traditional educational opportunities to teachers limited by time, place and outside commitments.

When do programs begin?

Cohorts may begin in the fall or spring semester depending on the interest. If we have at least 15 people interested, we seek approval from the departments to offer the program. If it is approved, we begin the cohort. If we do not have 15 people, we are not able to offer the cohort at that location. The 4/5 Endorsement is offered during fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Can I go to another location if the program I want is not offered in my county?

Yes, as long as you understand that you may have to drive some distance. We will work with you on getting the best location that is offering the program you want.

Can I start early?

No, each cohort takes classes together on a specific schedule, so you must start classes when the entire cohort begins.

What is the cost of the program?

To view current tuition costs, go to Graduate level tuition and fees.

Are there any scholarship opportunities available?

You may qualify for an innovative financial incentive that awards you one free credit for each five credits that you purchase. If you qualify, you’ll save considerably on the cost of full tuition. This scholarship incentive is unique to The University of Akron. Information on general U of A scholarships can be found on the Financial Aid website and the Adult Focus website. You may also want to review TEACH grant information.

What do I need to send in to you to be a part of the cohort?

Complete the Online Graduate School Application (ApplyYourself) and send official transcripts to:

Graduate School 

Polsky 469 

The University of Akron 

Akron, OH 44325

You also need to send:

  • Interest Survey
  • Cohort Agreement
  • Registration Agreement
  • Drop Agreement

Email to: or

Mail to:

Office of Professional Learning
Zook 207
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-4201

How do I know if I have been accepted to Graduate School?

Students will receive a letter via an email from Graduate School upon the admission decision which generally takes a few weeks from submission of the application.

How do I know if I am part of a cohort?

Once we get approval that we may begin a new cohort, we will send notification to all students that the cohort will begin. It is important to keep in mind that being accepted into a cohort program does not mean that you are accepted to Graduate School at The University of Akron. And likewise, being admitted to Graduate School does not mean admission to a cohort program.

Will there be an orientation for new cohort students?

Yes, we will have a new student orientation in August before the Fall semester starts. You will receive notification in July with specific details on the day, time, and location.


How can I view my schedule, bill, books, etc?

Students need to call UA ZipSupport at (330) 972-6888 to get their UANet ID and password. Then students can log in to ZipLine to view schedule, bill, books, and other important information.

I do not have my UANet ID and password, how do I get it?

Call University ZipSupport at (330)972-6888.

How do I know if I am registered for class?

Outreach staff registers all cohort students and sends an email to your UA email once each student has been registered.

How do I find information about financial aid?

Visit UA’s Financial Aid website.

How do I check my schedule?

After getting your UANet ID and password, go to ZipLine and click on Student Center.

  1. Under Academics, click on drop down box and select Class Schedule.
  2. Click the Go button (arrows).
  3. Select term, click continue.

How do I view my required books?

Log in to ZipLine, click on Student Center. Then:

  1. Under Academics, click on Drop down box and select Class Schedule.
  2. Click the Go button (arrows).
  3. Select term, click continue.
  4. At bottom of page, click on View/Order Your Textbooks.

How do I view and pay my bill?

Log in to ZipLine, click on Student Center. Then:

  1. Under Finances, click on Account Inquiry to view current charges.
  2. Click on Make a Payment.
  3. Click continue to Cashnet.
  4. Under Your Account, click on Make a Payment.
  5. Click on Tuition & Fees.
  6. Type in amount you are going to pay.
  7. Click on Add to Basket.
  8. Enter Credit Card or electronic check info.
  9. Click on Submit Payment.

I checked on ZipLine and I am not registered for class, why not?

Email your Program Assistant with your name, ID, cohort, location, and specify the courses and term for which you should be registered.

How do I view my online course?

Go to SpringBoard! and log in with your UANet ID and password. If a course has not been activated by Wednesday of the first week of class, the student should contact instructor or contact UA ZipSupport (330-972-6888) if it is a technical/sign in problem.

I checked my bill on Zipline and I did not see my scholarship. Why not?

It may take up to 48 hours for tuition remission to be processed and post to a student account.

What is Tk20? Do I have to use it and how do I sign up for it?

Tk20 is an electronic portfolio system that every College of Education student is required to use. Further information is available on the Tk20 website.

Dropping a Class

How do I drop a class?

Our policy is that students must drop themselves via ZipLine if they wish to drop a class.

  1. To drop a class, go to Zipline and log in.
  2. Click on Student Center.
  3. Under Academics, click on the drop down box and select Enrollment: Drop.
  4. Select the correct term, select classes to drop, and then hit the Drop Selected Classes button.

When is the last day I can drop a class?

Visit the Registrar’s website and click on Add/Drop Dates for the current semester.

How do I get a refund if I drop from class?

You must follow the UA Fee Appeals process described here.


Do I need a parking permit?

Usually the outreach students do not need to come to the main campus. However, a parking permit is required for all courses held on main campus. Please contact Parking Service directly at (330) 972-7213 to obtain a parking permit.

How do I use the University libraries resources?

It is very convenient for you to use the libraries' resources via Internet from off campus. The University of Akron has four libraries: Bierce Library, Law Library, Science & Technology Library, and Wayne College Library. You may use the online catalog to search in all the libraries' collections and many other resources including OhioLINK.

Where can I get the directions to the university?

Visit The University of Akron’s Web site for directions and you will find the most current directions, construction, and parking lot information.

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