The Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowships

2014-15 Woodrow Wilson Fellows

What are Woodrow Wilson Fellows doing in the STEM Classrooms?

UA Woodrow Wilson Fellows are encouraged to find new and different ways to help STEM learners build new conceptual understandings and 21st century workplace skills.  The following are examples of UA fellows engaging Akron and Canton students in creative ways.

Electrical Circuits Project
Students explored series and parallel circuits.  The task was to create a ping pong paddle that projected the ball across the net using only a small circuit powered by a 6V battery.

Issues in Science Lab Work
Students taking this class learn about forensic science and its application in solving crimes and aiding the legal system. 

Upward Bound Career Fair
Fellows were asked to help the Upward Bound students understand STEM careers.  The Fellows decided to create a Career Fair for the UB students and created a scavenger hunt list of questions that the students needed to answer while traveling around the various stations.
Get a Job!  A Consumer Math Project at Firestone
“Get a Job!” is a year-long project, modeled after the Project Based Learning approach, for seniors enrolled in the Financial Decision Making in Mathematics course at Firestone High School.

A Mathematical Walk Through Your Neighborhood
“A Mathematical Walk Through Your Neighborhood” was a week-long, take-home project for students in the Advanced Geometry Courses at Canton Early College High School, taught by Fellows Rachel Widman and Patricia Hairston.