The Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowships

2014-15 Woodrow Wilson Fellows

Woodrow Wilson Faculty

Dr. Lynne M. Pachnowski

Lynne M. Pachnowski
Ph.D., Boston College
Lynne Pachnowski is Professor of Education in the College of Education who teaches and researches in the area of math teaching and teaching with technology. Her recent interests have been in the area of the conceptual representations of mathematical operations and the sharing of these to pre-service and in-service teachers.

Nidaa Makki

Nidaa Makki
Ph.D., Kent State University
Nidaa Makki is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education with a focus on science education. Her research expertise focuses on interdisciplinary science curriculum, nature of science, and problem based learning. She teaches courses in science curriculum and instruction, nature of science, and technology applications.

Dr. Gary Holliday

Gary M. Holliday
Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology

Gary Holliday is Assistant Professor of Science Education in the College of Education and has 15+ years of experience as a science educator. His research interests include informal settings (such as museums) as contexts for teacher professional development, nature of science, and bridging informal and K-12 learning environments.

Xin Liang

Xin Liang
Ph.D., University of North Dakota
Xin Liang is Professor of Educational Research Methodology in the College of Education who teaches program evaluation and educational statistics. Her recent research focuses on urban students academic growth and retention models.


Karen B. Plaster
M.S., The University of Akron
Karen Plaster is a Clinical Instructor in the College of Education. Her primary responsibility is coaching the Woodrow Wilson Fellows in the field at both Akron Public and Canton City Schools. She also teaches Educational Technology and Teaching Math to Middle Level Learners.