Issues in Science Lab Work, East CLC

Damon Young, Woodrow Wilson Fellow 2012-13: Life Science

Issues in Science is a science elective offered at Akron Public Schools that explores the subject of Forensic Science.  Students taking this class learn about forensic science and its application in solving crimes and aiding the legal system.  As a student teacher at East CLC, I was afforded the opportunity to teach this class alongside my mentor teacher Ms. Johnna O’Neal.  Throughout this past semester we studied various branches of forensic science as well as examination of physical evidence and its interpretation.  I was tasked with developing and conducting labs for our forensic topics and the pictures seen here show the students doing blood type analysis, crime scene investigation, and fingerprint identification in several labs that I facilitated.  At the end of the semester the students participated in a mock trial that gave them the chance to apply what they had learned in class to try to prosecute or defend a suspect.

The images below show (1) the "crime scene," (2) students processing the crime scene, (3) fingerprints on a piece of evidence from the crime scene, and (4) students conducting blood type analysis in the lab.

Woodrow Wilson Crime Scene