The Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowships

2014-15 Woodrow Wilson Fellows

A Mathematical Walk Through Your Neighborhood

Rachel Widman and Patricia Hairston, 2011-12 Fellows

A Mathematical Walk Through Your Neighborhood was a week-long, take-home project for students in the Advanced Geometry Courses at Canton Early College High School.  This project asked students to create a map with representations of the definitions they learned in recent chapters.  In their maps students included parallel streets and perpendicular intersections as well as pizza parlors, ice cream shops and pools in the shape of equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles.  They also included intersections that created supplementary and complementary angles.  Students were responsible for naming their streets and providing a list of the streets, intersections, and triangles that met the requested criteria.  They were also asked to color their map and have fun adding their creative, personal touches to their neighborhood!  One student created a three-dimensional version of her neighborhood, using Monopoly game pieces as houses and q-tips as trees and street signs.  Most students themed their cities based on their interests which allowed us to get to know them better as well.  While this assignment served as an assessment for us, it also helped our students to connect the mathematical content from the classroom to their physical surroundings. 

The day the projects were hung up in the back of the classroom, students immediately gathered around to see each others' work and creativity.  The students were definitely proud of their projects and pointed out unique aspects of each others' neighborhoods.