In the summer of 2011, the first cohort of UA Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows assisted Akron Public Schools students attending the University of Akron’s Upward Bound program on campus that summer.  In July, the Fellows were asked to help the Upward Bound students understand STEM careers.  The Fellows decided to create a Career Fair for the UB students and created a scavenger hunt list of questions that the students needed to answer while traveling around the various stations.  Students were engaged in six career areas.

  • The Engineering/Electrical/Mechanical/Design group had students working on computer-based design as did the Information Technology/Computer Science group.  
  • The Chemistry/Research and Development/Quality Control had students create goo in a Dixie cup.
  • There was a Research/Medical/Biological group, as well as, a Mathematics/Statistics/Accounting group.
  •  The “What to Expect in College” group were nearly-graduated Fellows who shared the secrets of college life with the teenage students.

All Upward Bound Students and Fellows were highly engaged for the afternoon and learned more about STEM careers.