Dr. Rebecca Kuntz Willits

Dr. Rebecca Kuntz Willits

Title: Margaret F. Donovan Endowed Chair, Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Biomedical Engineering (Graduate)
Dept/Program: Biomedical Engineering
Office: ASEC 275D
Phone: 330-972-6587
Fax: 330-972-3939
Email: willits@uakron.edu
Website: http://gozips.uakron.edu/~willits


Professor Willits joined The University of Akron in 2010 as the Margaret F. Donovan Endowed Chair for Women in Engineering. She started her academic career as an Assistant Professor at Saint Louis University, where she received her tenure in Biomedical Engineering.

Research Accomplishments

Professor Willits' research is interdisciplinary by nature, combining biology, chemistry, and engineering to design new materials for drug delivery and tissue regeneration. Currently, one research thrust in her laboratory is the impact of three-dimensional material properties on cell behavior. In addition, she is interested in the impact of short duration electrical stimulation on nerve regeneration.


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PhD in Chemical Engineering, Cornell University, 1999; MS in Chemical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, 1996; BS in Chemical Engineering, Tufts University, 1994