Expenses and Aid

The department offers a number of graduate teaching and research assistantships as well as fellowships on a competitive basis to qualified applicants. These assistantships and fellowships provide a monthly stipend ranging from $770 to $1550 plus remission of tuition and fees.

Students may apply for financial aid in the form of graduate assistantships. Graduate assistants render services to the university through teaching and/or research. UA awards a number of graduate assistantships to qualified students. Assistantships are normally awarded for up to two years of master's study and up to four years of doctoral study. Teaching and research assistantships provide annual stipends of US$13,000 for master’s students and US$15,000 for doctoral students. Remission of tuition is also included. (Tuition scholarships are available on a very limited basis for first-time graduate students.)

To be considered for financial aid a student must first apply to the Graduate School and be admitted to the university. Applications for assistantships must be sent directly to the chair of the department or director of the program to which you are seeking acceptance. Applications for a graduate assistantship should be submitted to the department/program by March 1 for the Fall semester and September 1 for the Spring semester.

International students: To cover tuition and living expenses for 12 months (Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters) international students will need approximately US$21,721. International applicants should provide the Office of International Programs with an original bank statement reflecting the appropriate amount stated herewith; copies of financial documentation will not be accepted. Applicants are encouraged to send the original financial documentation to the Office of International Programs at the same time the application for admission is sent to the Graduate School in order to prevent a delay in the issuance of the Certification of Eligibility.