Civil Engineering Scholarships

2015-2016 Scholarship Applications:

Civil Engineering students received the following Academic Scholarships for the 2013-2014 school year:

Akron Engineering Bureau Scholarship, American Society of Highway Engineers Scholarship, ARCADIS Scholarship, Chalmers Brown Endowment Fund Scholarships, Cavanaugh Building Corporation Scholarship, GPD Group Scholarships, GPD Group Employees' Scholarship, Hammontree & Associates, Ltd. Scholarship, Jones Stuckey Ltd. Inc. Scholarship, Kenmore Construction Company Scholarship, Anthony Lojo Memorial Scholarship, McCabe Engineering Corporation Scholarship, Levi A.MacDonald Scholarship, Daniel Posilovich Scholarship, The Ruhlin Company Scholarship, G.Stephens, Inc./CFCE Scholarship, Summit Construction Company Scholarship, Summit Testing & Inspection Company Scholarship, Dr.David Timmerman Scholarship, Timmerman Geotechnical Group Scholarship, and the URS Corporation Scholarship.

The Department of Civil Engineering and The College of Engineering would also like to thank the following patrons who have made individual contributions to our department:

America Society of Highway Engineers, ARCADIS, Scott and Joanne Armstrong, Edward and Wendy Block, Robert and Debra Bunnell, Cavanaugh Building Corporation, Mike and Cathy Cavanaugh, Joseph and Mary Cuini,  Bryan and Jennie Celik, David and Laurel Celik, Ralph and Christine Coletta, Brad and Martha Cramer, Mohamed Darwish, Clarence Drennon, Richard Eckenrode, Jeffrey and Mary Beth Evans, Jonathan and Andrea Fister, Edward Franks, Robert and Heidi Frutchey, Ryan Gillespie, GPD Group, G.Stephens,Inc., David and Susan Granger, Jacqueline Hale, Hammontree & Associates Ltd., Gene Hill,Michael and Christine Hobbs, Gary Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson, Joseph and Vicki Kidder, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kolat, Edward Kraft, Jones-Stuckey Ltd., Kenmore Construction, Pawan and Kiran Khaitan, Kris and Ruth Klee, Kenneth and Melanie Kostura, Darrin and Kathleen Kotecki, David Krause, Christopher Luzier, John Malivuk, Dr. and Mrs. Gas Mavrigian, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mc Nutt, M-E Companies,Inc., Gregory Mencer, Dr. and Mrs. Craig Menzemer, David and Diana Martin, McCabe Engineering Corporation, Michael and Jean McGlinchy, Richard and Julia Rockich, Robert and Catherine Hochevar, The Ruhlin Company, Travis Saunier, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scherer, Stephen Schreiber, Joshua Slaga, Summit Construction Co., Inc., Roger and Linda Swart, Mr. and Mrs. James Swartz, David and Evelyn Timmerman, Timmerman Geotechnical Group, Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tomasik, Brian and Kathleen Tondra, URS Corporation, Matthew and Susan Wahl, Jason and Angela Wells.

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