B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

The undergraduate mechanical engineering program is designed to provide the student with comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental principles of all aspects relating to fluid-thermal and mechanical sciences and the application of these principles to pertinent problems. A large number of corporations and industries throughout the country participate in the department's five-year cooperative education program. This program gives students on-the-job experience in an industry directly related to their studies.

The undergraduate curriculum can be divided into four main areas: general studies requirements (29 semester credits), mathematics and science requirements (30 credits), engineering requirements (66 credits), and electives (12 credits). In addition to the regular program, students also may choose a program with special emphasis in polymer science and polymer engineering or motion and control. In this option, all mechanical engineering electives are replaced by appropriate electives in polymer science and polymer engineering or motion and control. Students also may use technical and free electives for this option.

BSME Guidebook

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Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (Co-op) (pdf)

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (without Co-op) (pdf)