Beyond the classroom

Members of UA Mini Baja team participate in Society of Automotive Engineers-sponsored competitions.

Beyond the classroom:

'Experience is the best teacher'

The College of Engineering has a strong tradition and an enduring commitment to the success of its students, in and beyond the classroom. UA Engineering students gain practical experience through:

  • the Cooperative Education Program,
  • competitive student design teams, and
  • student organizations.

We also offer support and development for students through programs such as Women In Engineering and IDEAs. This is all part of our comprehensive focus to help ensure that at commencement, our students will be well prepared to meet the demands of employers.

Student Support and Development

The University of Akron is committed to encouraging all students with intellectual capability and an interest in mathematics and science to pursue their dreams, attend college, and productively contribute to an increasingly technological society. We offer programs such as

to help all students reach their goals.

Cooperative Education

There is merit in the saying “experience is the best teacher.” Through our Cooperative Education Program, we incorporate practical work experience into the curriculum, enabling enables the student to integrate classroom instruction with practical and valuable on-the-job work experience. At the end of approximately five years, the co-op student is usually ahead of the traditional student in that he/she has a degree and also has accumulated 12 or more months of work experience in the field.

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Student Design Teams

UA's highly regarded student design teams allow senior-level students to apply classroom theory to a major design project. Past projects have ranged from aircraft to supermileage cars to bridge design, and very often the teams compete against teams from other colleges. Our design teams consistently rank highly in national and international competitions.

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