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Raising private support for student scholarships, faculty research and program development are among the highest priorities for The University of Akron College of Engineering.

In recent years, the College of Engineering has captured national attention because of its increasing enrollment, its research achievements and its ability to produce creative and productive engineers.

We are also proud to have exceptional faculty who bring their expertise into our classrooms and research labs every day. Keep the momentum going.

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Robert Handelman:
Giving back moves college forward

Handelman, Robert

Robert Handelman, chief executive of Chemstress.

Like so many University of Akron graduates, Robert Handelman was the first in his family to go to college. His education has been a gift that keeps on giving — to him, his family, his employees and to UA.

Today, he is CEO of Chemstress Construction Company, a full-service industrial design build firm, as well as CEO of Chemstress Consultant Company, a full-service engineering and architectural design build organization that services many of the world’s top industries. Both companies are headquartered in Akron.

The Chemstress Consultant Company was founded in 1965, while Handelman was attending graduate school at The University of Akron. Read more

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UA -- The New Gold StandardPrivate support from alumni, friends, and corporations is necessary for the continued growth and success of both the University and the College of Engineering.

Hire a grad or intern

For corporations and organizations, we have an impressive listing of well-prepared undergraduates looking for challenging cooperative education opportunities. And of course, we excel with placement; we are always eager to help your organization meet its need for bright, creative and driven engineers and researchers.

For assistance, contact Deanna Dunn at 330-972-7849 or