Research Spotlight: English

Dr. Michael Schuldiner pens Holocaust Legacy Book

Michael Schuldiner, professor of English and chair of the Department of English, provides an in-depth analysis of the Holocaust’s place in American history in his new book, "Contesting Histories: German and Jewish Americans and the Legacy of the Holocaust." Beginning with popular objections to America's entry into World War I and ending with recent academic debates over the legacy and meaning of the Holocaust, Schuldiner examines how events from World War I, the 1920s and 1930s, and World War II came to color America's understanding of the Holocaust in the U.S. in both the German American and Jewish American communities. Learn More

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O Holy Insurgency Mary Biddinger
O Holy Insurgency, Black Lawrence Press, 2013.
Saint Monica Mary Biddinger
Saint Monica, Black Lawrence Press, 2011.
The Monkey & the Wrench Mary Biddinger, English, John Gallaher, editors
The Monkey & the Wrench: Essays into Contemporary Poetics, University of Akron Press, 2011.
Daughter of Providence Julie A. Drew, English
Daughter of Providence, Overlook, 2011.
Contesting Histories Michael Schuldiner, English
Contesting Histories: German and Jewish Americans and the Legacy of the Holocaust, Texas Tech University Press, 2011.

Celluloid Strangers

Eric Wasserman, English
Celluloid Strangers, Second Wind Publishing, 2011.