Faculty in Child & Family Development

Shannon Zentall, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Child & Family Development Area Coordinator
411-A College of Arts & Sciences


Ph.D. (2009) University of Notre Dame
M.A. (1999) The Ohio State University
B.A. (1997) Indiana University

Research Interests

  • Parent-Infant Attachments
  • Socio-emotional Development in Infancy and Early Childhood
  • Motivation in Early Childhood
  • Parenting and Marital Adjustment

Pamela A. Schulze, Ph.D.

Professor, Child & Family Development
400-B College of Arts & Sciences


Ph.D. (2000) University of Connecticut, Family Studies,
M.A. (1997) University of Connecticut, Human Development & Family Relations
B.A. (1991) Southeastern Louisiana University, Psychology
2004 Certified in Family and Consumer Sciences (CFCS)

Research Interests

  • Child Development
  • Poverty and Family Development
  • Parent-Infant Interaction
  • Cultural Variations in Parenting Beliefs
  • Service Learning
  • Student Self-efficacy

Sabine Gerhardt, Psy.D.
Associate Professor, Child & Family Development
410 College of Arts & Sciences

Psy.D. (2012) University of the Rockies, Criminology & Justice Studies
M.A. (2005) the University of Akron, Child & Family Development
B.A. (2003) the University of Akron, Family Development
2012 Certified ALICE trainer

Research Interests

  • Family Relationships in Times of Crisis 
  • Family and Sociocultural Influences on Intimate Relationships
  • Children, Families, and the Criminal Justice System
  • Active Shooter Prevention

Jason Chiang
Assistant Professor, Child & Family Development
405 College of Arts & Sciences

Ph.D. (2017-expected) Syracuse University, Human Development and Family Relations
M.A. (2010) University at Albany, Educational Psychology and Methodology
B.A. (2009) University of Toronto, Psychology

Research Interest

  • Cross-Cultural Parenting
  • Adult Attachment Styles
  • Acculturation & Enculturation Process

Jeannette Wade

Assistant Professor
Child & Family Development
406-A College of Arts & Sciences
Ph.D. (2017-expected) The University of Akron, Sociology-Health & Gender
M.A. (2011) The University of Akron, Family & Consumer Sciences - Child & Family Development
B.A. (2007) Cleveland State University, Political Science - International Relations

Research Interest

  • Health Risk Behaviors
  • Sex & Gender
  • Black American Socialization & Health
  • Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood

Adjunct Faculty in Child & Family Development

Sally Antonucci, Associate Lecturer, FCS Teacher Education

Amy Broadhurst, Assistant Lecturer

Gary Byron, Senior Lecturer

Pamela Ebert, Associate Lecturer

Angela Kovach, Assistant Lecturer

Suzanne LeSure, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Mary Martell, Assistant Lecturer

Erich Merkle, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Jill Merz, Senior Lecturer, FCS Teacher Education

Frank Motz, Senior Lecturer

Gary Rosen, Senior Lecturer

Willa Smith, Assistant Lecturer

Cynthia Stone, Associate Lecturer

David Witt, Ph.D., Professor, Emeritus

Susan Witt, Ph.D., Professor, Emeritus