Financing Worksheets

Often, the total amount of financial aid offered in an award is more than what is necessary to pay your bill at The University of Akron. This is because you may have other expenses beyond tuition & fees (and room & board if you choose to live on campus).

In case you need financial aid to assist in paying those expenses, financial aid awards are allowed to include more aid that you may choose to use to help with those expenses. The aid in this case is usually in the form of a PLUS or private education loan for undergraduate students and a GradPLUS loan for graduate/law students.

In an effort to keep loan borrowing at a minimum, please utilize the financing worksheet that best suits your needs from the list below. The worksheet will help you identify your expenses to see if you will need resources such as the PLUS, GradPLUS, or private education loan.

Full-time enrollment is defined as at least 12 credits for undergraduate students and nine credits for graduate/law students for financial aid purposes.

Academic year 2017-18 financing worksheets: