Dr. James McManus

Dr. James McManus

Title: Professor and Chair
Dept/Program: Geosciences
Office: CRH 114
Phone: 330 972-7991
Fax: 330 972-7611
Email: jmcmanus@uakron.edu
Website: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=aAv58RkAAAAJ&hl=en

Research Accomplishments

Research Interests

My research focuses on a variety topics related to Earth and ocean biogeochemistry. Research topics include studies on past ocean conditions and climate, modern biogeochemical processes, and how anthropogenic perturbations might influence biogeochemical cycles in the future. My research examines elemental cycling in the ocean, estuaries, rivers, and lakes.  I have a number of ongoing projects in marine and freshwater environments. 

Current Research

I have a number of ongoing projects that examine trace element and biogenic material cycling in marine and freshwater environments. I have a specific interest in developing trace element “tools” for interpreting the Earth's geologic record of climate and chemical variation. Some of the elements and their isotopes that I have recently been working on include germanium, molybdenum, and iron.



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1992, Ph.D., Oceanography, Oregon State University
1986 B.Sc. Chemistry, Stockton State College