Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics Group


Rubber city rock mechanics group, Spring 2015 (L-R: Caleb Holyoke, Hunter Bullock, Abby Ritter, Albert Barbery, Edward Poston, Paul Krasner, Joe Millard, Max Miller, not pictured Jessica Fraser and Tim Schmucker)

What we do....

Dr Holyoke's research and teaching interests are in the general area of structural geology applied to solving problems related to the physical and chemical evolution of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle. His group uses a combination of active testing of how changing variables in experiments affects the microstructures that develop due to specific deformation mechanisms. They also use observational analysis of naturally deformed rocks to constrain the conditions that produce these same microstructures in nature. Understanding these grain-scale processes contributes to our understanding of larger scale processes and controls on plate tectonics.

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