Graduate Assistantship Contracts

2016-17 Academic Year Dates (August 29, 2016 to May 14, 2017)

Fall Semester 2016 Dates
August 29, 2016 to December 18, 2016
Contract Submission Deadline: August 5, 2016

Spring Semester 2017 Dates
January 17, 2017 to May 14, 2017
Contract Submission Deadline: December 9, 2016

For students to be paid in a timely manner, contracts should be received in the Graduate School a minimum of three weeks before the start date of the contract.

If you are new to completing the graduate assistantship contracts or if you need a review of the procedures, view the Graduate Assistantship Contract Presentation. This will provide you with information regarding graduate assistantships and step-by-step instructions on completing the forms.

The Graduate Assistant Handbook will serve as a reference guide to the policies and procedures related to University assistantships and tuition scholarships.

Procedure for Graduate Assistants Working in Non-Academic Units

Graduate Assistant Approval Form for Non-Academic Units

All graduate assistants must complete an I-9 form before they can be paid. If a student does not have the I-9 form on file at the Graduate School it must be completed. The I-9 form should be completed as soon as the student arrives on campus, and you can verify their necessary documents.

Directions for completing the Graduate Assistantship/Scholarship contracts

  • Locate the correct forms depending on what type of contract you are completing
  • Double click on the form. This will open the form in PDF format. Complete all information on page one of the form. Complete the appointee recipient name on the bottom of page two
  • Print the forms and obtain the appropriate signatures on the forms (Note: If you wish to save the forms on your computer you must have Adobe Professional installed)
  • Send the forms to the Graduate School for processing. Both pages of each form must be fully completed and have the appropriate signatures for the Graduate School to process the forms. Incomplete forms will be returned
  • After the Graduate School has processed the forms, copies will be available in NOLIJ. The awarding department should provide a copy to the recipient
  • Need help in calculating bi-weekly stipends? Click here to use the bi-weekly pay period calculator

Full Graduate Assistants (20 hours per week)

The following forms should be used if you are hiring a full, 20 hour per week graduate assistant.

Partial Graduate Assistants (Less than 20 hours per week)

The following forms should be used if you are hiring a graduate assistant for less than 20 hours per week. Be sure to complete the number of work hours and the number of hours of fee remission.

Stand Alone Graduate Scholarship/Fellowship

Student must be a first-time graduate student and registered full-time (9 graduate credit hours)

Supplemental or One-Time Payment Contract

The following form should be used when you are giving a one-time payment or supplementing an existing GA contract.

Award of Graduate Scholarship/Fellowship - Special Projects

This form should only be used if advanced approval has been given providing fee remission for a special project.

Personnel Action Forms (PAF's)  

The following templates should be used if you are making changes to a GA contract.  If you are cancelling a GA contract you should use the Termination PAF Request template.  If you are making changes to a contract you should use the Change PAF Request template.  All requests for changes or terminations should be emailed to