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Tuesday, Mar 17th

10:00am to 12:00pm ~ Leigh 208

WebEX Training for Faculty

Andy Bonecutter, Instructional Services

Tuesday, Mar 17th

11:00am to 12:00pm ~ Leigh 414

Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs

UA faculty Amanda Ritchie and Kirstin Polen de Campi DISSTA Program

Wednesday, Mar 18th

12:05-12:55pm ~ Leigh 414

Masculinity in Superhero Films

Kara Kvaran, Women’s Studies Program

Thursday, Mar 19th

11:00am to 11:50am ~ Leigh 414

Workplace Wisdom:

Skillbuilding for Administrative Assistants: EmpCenter

Wednesday, April 1st

9:55am to 10:45am ~ Leigh 414

Workplace Wisdom:


Wednesday, April 1st

9:55am to 10:45am ~ Leigh 208

Learning Outcomes Assessment:

Responding to HLC Focused visit: Recommendations



The University of Akron Student Innovation Symposium (UASIS) will be held on April 9, 2015!

Registration is now open!

UASIS is a state-wide research symposium for Undergraduate and Graduate Students from all disciplines! UASIS 2014 was a great success, drawing over 420 attendees! Please mark your calendars and begin preparing for the next UASIS. Guest and Volunteer Registraion deadline: March 27th, 2015.   More information! 


 Center for the Treatment and Study of Traumatic Stress, Summa Health System 

We are seeking research assistants to assist with several research projects focusing on trauma, traumatic stress, risk/resiliency factors, and treatment outcomes. A partial list of projects includes the following:

1.Examining treatment-related trajectories of change in self-reported psychological outcomes.
2 Evaluating integrated primary care and behavioral health care services.
3.Investigating the role of sleep problems in the mental and physical health outcomes of patients receiving treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
4.Assessing risk for persistent psychopathology in recently traumatized individuals. 

Generally, research assistants work on multiple projects in some capacity.  Typical tasks and duties include literature searches, background reading, participant recruitment, running participants through research protocols, data entry, database management, preliminary data analyses, attendance at regular lab meetings, and learning about specialized hardware and software.  Prior research experience would be ideal but is not necessary, as training will be provided.  We generally ask people to commit to the equivalent of at least two semesters if possible.  

Only volunteer positions are available at this time.  Course credit may be possible if desired. Please e-mail the following information to Amanda Smith smithaman@summahealth.org) if you may be interested, and we will follow-up with you: 

A. Year in school.
B. List of psychology courses you have taken and the grades you have received.
C. GPA overall and in psychology.
D. Indicate whether you are interested in earning course credit.
E. Months and/or semesters you are available.
F. Approximate number of hours per week you are available.
G. Describe any research experience you have had.
H. Name and e-mail of a professor/instructor you have had either for a completed psychology course or for research activities who can be contacted for a reference.
I. A few sentences about why you are seeking research experience and what your future plans are.