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Finding A Mentor

Go to the University of Akron homepage: http://www.uakron.edu/

Using the Academics link or the search bar, search for departments that fall within your area of interest.

The University is comprised of 8 colleges, and it is under these colleges that all departments, academic programs, and faculty are organized. Thus, starting your search with a college homepage may be easiest. Click on any of the following colleges to visit their homepage:

Once you have navigated to the homepage of your department of choice, look through the list of faculty members (departments always include this somewhere on their webpage) and look to see if any of the faculty have research interests in the same area as you.

It is possible that the faculty will not have the exact same interests as you. This is okay. The most important thing is to find a mentor who is doing research in a field that you are generally interested in so that you can make use of their expertise while carrying out your research project.

Upon admission into the McNair Program, the McNair office will help you make contact with the faculty members you are interested in working with. When making contact, it is important to share the following information:

You were recently accepted as a McNair Scholar at the University of Akron. It might be helpful to include a link to the McNair webpage, http://www.uakron.edu/gradsch/mcnair/ , so that the mentor can learn more about the program if they are not already familiar with it.

Part of the summer program involves completing a 8 week research project

You are interested in working with them over the summer

Your research interests are...
Be sure to explain to them how your interests relate to their area of research

Ask them if they have room in their lab for an undergraduate research assistant or if they would be interested in serving as a mentor over the summer.

Be sure that you read up on what the mentor is doing so that you have a clear idea of why you would like to work with them. This will help us to get you paired with a mentor for the summer.

(Taken in part from Colorado State University)

Housing Information

Students will be staying at the Exchange Street Residence Hall

Research Training Allowance

The McNair Scholars Program provides research training allowance of up to $2,800 per year for students engaged in research internships, provided that the student has completed the sophomore year of study at an eligible institution before the internship begins. If you have not met this requirement at the end of the regular academic year and before the Summer Research Internship begins, you are under an affirmative duty to decline the stipend. Failure to do so will results in a hold being placed on your federal financial aid as this is a federal program and it is a federal requirement that you have COMPLETED sophomore year to receive an allowance.

As a McNair Scholar you are required to participate in all Spring 2009 academic activities and workshops. There may also be additional requirements assigned to you by your McNair Staff Mentor (SM).

Summer Program eligibility is contingent upon completion of all academic year requirements. The only valid excuse for missing program activity is a regular university class or an illness confirmed by a physician’s note or by written consent of the Director of the McNair Program.

May I Work and/or take a Credit Course
The summer McNair Scholars Program requires a full-time commitment, one that prohibits your assuming other major responsibilities such as outside employment and university coursework. However, the program evaluates each scholar on a case-by-case basis. To work or take classes during either summer session, McNair Scholars should submit a written request to the McNair Program Director.

Research Training Allowance Distribution
The training allowance will be distributed on these dates as follows provided that all work is completed and there are no unexcused absences:

  • May 27, 2010 - $400.00
  • June 08,2010 - $500.00
  • June 22,2010 - $500.00
  • July 07, 2010 - $500.00
  • July 22, 2010 - $900.00 with presentation and electronic submission of final paper with signatures and approvals.

McNair Scholars Handbook



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McNair Scholars Program
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